Any Cycle House regular knows one of the essentials to getting the most out of your workout is being properly prepared! And I’m not talking about eating the right foods and drinking enough water (although both important), I’m talking about what you’re really panicking about: the proper attire. Stand outside when any one of my classes are ending, and you’ll see 50 something bodies emerge, looking like they just dunked themselves in a pool. And while there was no swimming taking place, there was hard, grueling, sweat dripping work.

On a Saturday or Sunday, classes pour out and head straight to brunch (most likely, boozy brunch), and there’s nothing worse than sitting through a brunch in your sweat-soaked attire. Plan ahead, and you can sweat, sip, and celebrate the day away with smooth sailing.

Essential number one: a trustworthy (and chic, of course) gym bag! Think of it as your gym handbag, and be sure to choose one you’ll love toting around. Then you’ll need to start filling it up with your must-haves. Start with the basics: a sports bra that holds (be careful on those touchbacks, ladies!), cropped pants that feel like a second skin to help you keep your cool when thing heat up, and a light tank that won’t drag you down when you’re being told to pick it up. Now for the extras: a light sweater, especially for early morning or late-night classes, hair ties to keep your mane from mangling, and flip flops to throw on after class. Finally, when you’re dashing off to day-drink—er, eat post-class on a weekend, be sure to throw in effortless items: think maxi dress, flowy tops, and comfortable shorts.

You’ll be ready to sleep, cycle, brunch, repeat in no time!